Ice cream cares

Today I was at Macs for a while and I had this sudden craving for their strawberry sundae……..


Long story short, i ended up buying three strawberry sundaes one after another within about half an hour (you know the feeling when your cravings have been satisfied!!) which resulted in the auntie at the dessert kiosk recognising and memorising my order 😛 However that isn’t the point of this post. When she handed me first sundae, she asked if i had eaten dinner, in which my reply was ‘nope, not yet,’ and as i returned each time, she would laugh cheerfully. after she handed me my third sundae cheerfully, she said,

‘你这样买,我很高兴;但你要吃正餐,好好照顾身体哦!(translation: i’m glad that you buy from me; but do make sure you eat a proper dinner to take care of your health!)’

Somehow her words got to me because she could’ve been like any other staff: serve me all the ice cream in the world as long as i paid, and adopt the ‘who cares!’ attitude. the implication of her words could’ve led me not to buy an additional ice cream from her and she didn’t need to care if i was eating right; but she did, at the expense of her business(okay, not exactly hers but you do get my point here), she did.

I value people like these, how many of us would actually bother to offer words of advice to a complete stranger? to bother about someone whose health would have no less effect on you than the rain in a foreign country?

moments like these: worth sharing, worth remembering, worth recreating.



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