‘the old me’s dead and gone, dead and gone’

been a rather depressing week i would say. and the best part is that the examination results are not yet out.

i used to be happy
i used to smile almost as much as i breathed
i used to laugh even when no one was watching
i used to be optimistic because i believed there was always reason to be
i used to try to be everything i wanted to be.
i used to hold myself up.

but now i’m tired
i’m tired of trying to be good
i’m tired of trying to be optimistic
i’m tired of smiling
i’m tired of wanting to believe
i’m tired of explaining myself
i’m tired of holding up this weight.
i’m sick and tired, i really am.

so call me whatever you want
say whatever you want to say
that WAS me,
this is me NOW and i’m never going back.
i’ve grown numb.

i used to be me.


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