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You have to learn to be strong. Strength is something that people often see as keeping one’s self together at all times – never falling and never failing. The truth is the strongest people fall a lot and they fail a lot, but they always endure. Strength is gained from trying, it is gained from participating fully in life; it is gained from facing your fears and from persevering, and picking yourself up after you’ve fallen greatly. No two people have the same strength because no two people have the same experience. We all have our limits but our greatest strength is discovered when those limits are tried and tested. But you have to learn strength on your own.

You have to learn to be happy. Happiness is not something you can buy or earn, it is something you are and have; it is a state of mind. Sometimes…

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it’s not one of those days, these ARE my days now

i’ve been feeling so weak like lately I’ve just lost the capacity to do things or even believe I can do I know we’ve had this conversation before and its tiring to constantly encourage esp the same thing over and over again and everyone else is just like you can do it don’t worry and I’m just like just stop you’re not the one that’s falling you don’t know anything you don’t know what it’s like to feel yourself falling apart to feel like you’re losing all the good that’s ever been of you and all the hopes that you’ve ever had
this is so sad and I can’t believe that this is coming from me but it is and I can’t go on any longer I can’t do this anymore I’m this close to letting go