‘everyone was there except you’

so today I officially left the BT. well I never really made the effort to be part of it. but obviously they’ve moved on without me. it’s for the better of them and myself anyway.
you’ll never see this but:
you’re right. taking me in was a great mistake, perhaps even your greatest mistake. I’m sorry that I never did become good enough, that I never once managed to make you happy, that i never did contribute to the T, that I let go even before I was supposed to, that I can’t even bring myself to face you an deliver a proper apology. I can already hear you swearing at me. but that’s alright, I deserve it anyway.

things are gna get awkward with H & i but I guess this is the price I’m paying.
I’m sorry I let you down when you put your faith in me. I’m sorry I gave up on myself when you didn’t give up on me. and most of all, I’m sorry that you even thought that I was decent. I’m going to miss having your company, our conversations and our laughs.
and if you ever see this, I’m thankful
for the fact that I once had you in my life.

20130402-180730.jpg I never did belong

no regrets, moving on.
goodbye guys, & most of all, goodbye H.


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