I don’t think I can get any more blessed

so this was one of my other (mugger) days @ Macs where I literally spend HOURS attempting to ‘mug’ (don’t ask me how i do it because well I’m not very successful at it; I take breaks too often and basically snack my time away)
after a few hours, the manager of the outlet who prolly noticed my longer-than-usual-customers’ presence came by to (thoughtfully) ask about what I was mugging for and other basic conversational stuff. subsequently when I wanted to order a sundae he even told me to save the hassle of walking to the order-counter and that he’d deliver it to me.
several hours after hours later (hehe aren’t you proud I managed to attempt to mug for that long!!), he walked over to my table with this:

warm hashbrows and a cup of iced coffee
‘I see you’ve been studying so hard and for so long, and you do need some food and drink to go on, so here’s some’
I totally melted in my seat because it was such a pleasantly saccharine act of kindness!! felt bad accepting it for free but when i offered to pay, he insisted it was his treat :’))))
Whether it’s the wonderful customer service they’re trying to provide or just the thoughtfulness of another lovely stranger, it nonetheless made my (otherwise boring and dreadful) day 🙂
I usually never ever touch coffee(because of its terrible bitterness which I absolutely abhor) but today I brought myself to finish the cup of coffee because somehow the bitterness was masked by a mighty wave of sweetness (and don’t worry McDonald’s, it wasn’t because the staff added too much sugar)

I’ve been blessed with too much good karma lately, I ought to give back to society soon…….
thoughtful strangers #GMH


go forth and build an ARK

spent my day out mugging today, ’twas like any other except something appeared on my (messy) pile of books after I returned from a visit to the toilet:

20120925-193358.jpga bar of chocolate, a bottle of cooling tea&an encouraging note
the note signed off with ‘someone who cares’ this random act of kindness truly made my day so whoever you are, where ever you are, thank you, for lifting my spirits on this terribly unproductive day :’)
because a small act goes a long way, a random act of kindness, a warm touch to the heart